Greens MP: Government must act now to prevent further harm to trans community


Stephen Bates MP for Brisbane and Australian Greens’ Spokesperson for LGBTQIA+ wrote to Immigration Minister Andrew Giles on 19 January, calling on him to revoke the visa of a notorious anti-trans campaigner travelling to Australia to conduct a speaking tour. In this letter, he specifically referenced their proximity to far-right figures and their followers’ involvement in violent rallies that endanger the trans community.

This weekend, anti-trans campaigners at the individual’s speaking engagement in Melbourne were joined and provided ‘protection’ by neo-nazis who were photographed and videoed performing Nazi salutes. 

Lines attributable to Stephen Bates MP for Brisbane and Greens spokesperson for LGBTQIA+ 

“The individual who spoke at the anti-trans rally in Melbourne on Saturday has a history of openly aligning themself with neo-Nazi and far-right extremists - to see neo-Nazis defending their event comes as no surprise.

“I wrote to the Immigration Minister in January informing him that this speaker attracts neo-Nazis and other far-right extremists to their events, and that their visa should not be granted in the interest of community safety. My letter amplified the concerns of thousands of community members who signed a petition against the individual’s entry into the country. 

“While it is good to see members of the federal parliament condemn the actions witnessed yesterday in Melbourne, these events would not have occurred if the Immigration Minister listened to the community and my calls to cancel the speaker’s visa. 

“The defence of neo-Nazis by police sends a message to extremists that these violent displays will be tolerated, and risks the safety of trans people across the country.

“I’m calling on Immigration Minister Andrew Giles to take action and protect the trans community from the vilification and violence they experienced on Saturday in Melbourne. This should include cancelling the speaker’s visa now before more of their speaking engagements are due to take place in the coming week.

“I will always stand with the LGBTQIA+ community against hate speech - trans rights are non-negotiable.

“There is no place in society for neo-Nazis and far-right extremism.”



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