Greens ready to fight for the future in lutruwita/Tasmania


The Greens welcome the federal election finally being called for Saturday 21 May 2022. 

The Greens’ federal election candidates for lutruwita/Tasmania have remained united and ready for the official federal election campaign call since their candidacy was first announced in September 2021.

The Greens federal election candidates for lutruwita/Tasmania are: 

  • Peter Whish-Wilson, lead senate candidate
  • Vanessa Bleyer, senate candidate
  • Tabatha Badger, senate candidate
  • Cecily Rosol, candidate for Bass
  • Dr Darren Briggs, candidate for Braddon
  • Janet Shelley, candidate for Clark
  • Jade Darko, candidate for Franklin
  • Liz Johnstone, candidate for Lyons

Quotes attributable to Greens lead senate candidate for lutruwita/Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson:
“This is the most important federal election of our time. The nation desperately needs a change after nine years of wasted opportunities and inaction. The planet can’t afford another three years of a corrupt Liberal Government promoting climate denial and fossil fuel development while we all slip further towards an irreversible disaster.  

“For almost a decade I’ve been a voice in the federal parliament for Tasmanians who care about the environment, particularly our precious marine environment. But I’ve got unfinished business in the Senate: from reforming a corrupted political system that gives big tax dodging corporations too much power, building a truly circular economy to eliminate waste and plastic pollution that is choking our oceans, to stopping seismic testing and oil and gas drilling off our coastlines, and protecting forests like takayna/Tarkine from being pillaged and privatised by this government.”

Quotes attributable to Greens Senate candidate for lutruwita/Tasmania, Vanessa Bleyer: 
"We're in a climate emergency, yet both the Liberals and Labor continue to accept millions in political donations from the fossil fuel industry, and are pushing for 114 new coal, oil, and gas projects to be built around Australia. 

"I'm campaigning to make sure the Greens have the strongest possible voice in Parliament, so we can push the next government to tackle climate change with the urgency and ambition scientists tell us is required." 

Quotes attributable to Greens Senate candidate for lutruwita/Tasmania, Tabatha Badger: 
"Young people have watched in horror as Scott Morrison has further jeopardised their future by fuelling the climate crisis. They see how he has ignored deepening inequality, and doesn't care about crucial issues like housing affordability.

"Like so many other young Tasmanians, I know this is the eleventh hour to secure a livable future planet. That's why it's so important to make sure the Greens are in balance of power so we can push the next government to go further and faster on climate action and other important social issues."

BASS - Quotes attributable to Cecily Rosol:
"The electorate of Bass may well decide who forms government after this election. I want to make sure everyone knows that no matter how she might try to spin it, a vote for Bridget Archer is a vote for Scott Morrison. 

"Remember, in Australia's political system you can't waste your vote. If you live in Bass and you want real action on housing affordability, healthcare, and climate change, then vote 1 Green, and put Labor ahead of the Liberals." 

BRADDON - Quotes attributable to Dr Darren Briggs: 
"As a doctor I see first-hand how the terrible state of our health system is putting more people's lives at risk than ever, and I'm putting my hand up for Parliament to help change that. I'm also passionate about tackling the other big issues our community is facing which also affect our health, like housing unaffordability, inequality, and the very real impact of climate change.

"I've already spent a lot of time sharing the Greens' vision with the people of Braddon, and the response has been great. I think people understand how Greens' plans like putting dental and mental health into Medicare, increasing the aged pension to $88/day so it's above the poverty line, and making childcare free could make a real difference to people's lives. These things are possible, we just need to start making billionaires and big corporations finally start paying their fair share."

CLARK - Quotes attributable to Janet Shelley:
"House prices are through the roof, and rents in Hobart are $10,000 a year higher than they were just a decade ago. But in the face of thousands of Tasmanians struggling to find a home, neither the Liberals or Labor are putting forward a solution this election.

"Only the Greens have a comprehensive and fully costed plan to finally solve the housing crisis. By building thousands of new homes, putting limits on rent increases, and banning 'no cause' evictions, we'll make sure everyone has a secure and affordable place to call home."

FRANKLIN - Quotes attributable to Jade Darko:
"Australia's 122 billionaires increased their wealth by a massive 34% during the pandemic. Meanwhile one in three regular people can't afford the dentist, and the average Tasmanian is in real financial hardship due to skyrocketing rents and house prices. It's simply shameful.

"The people of Franklin deserve a representative with a positive vision for tackling inequality and making Australia a fairer place. Unlike the major parties, that's exactly what the Greens will deliver, and I can't wait to share our plan with the Franklin community."

LYONS - Quotes attributable to Liz Johnstone:
"I know many Tasmanians are sick and tired of politics - and fair enough too. Every election we seem to hear the same promises about the same issues, but nothing seems to change. That's because the Liberal and Labor parties have completely sold out to big corporations, accepting over $200 million in corporate donations since 2012."

"The Greens can't be bought, and won't sell out. We have real integrity. By putting us in the balance of power, we'll hold the next government accountable, and make sure there's real action on critical issues like access to healthcare, the housing crisis, and climate change."