Greens ready to hold government to account on plastics treaty


The Greens have welcomed the UN agreement to negotiate a global treaty on plastic pollution by 2024, but warned Australia not to take a two-year pause on tackling the issue.
Quotes attributable to Greens spokesperson for waste and recycling, Senator Peter Whish-Wilson:
“The UN agreement has been touted as the most significant environmental deal since the 2015 Paris climate accord - we must now ensure the Morrison Government doesn’t try and undermine it in the same way. 
“While the Morrison Government talks a big game on tackling plastic pollution and waste, the reality is it has deliberately avoided taking the most basic and important steps to getting the job done. 
“The global treaty on plastic pollution is set to be negotiated by 2024, but we can’t afford two years of inaction - not only will it wreak havoc on the environment but people are already missing out on jobs because this government has refused to take simple actions to build a circular economy.
“The Government has dragged the chain because of its close ties to powerful packaging companies who have consistently lobbied against regulations to move us towards zero waste. This is despite Australia’s waste and recycling industry consistently calling for more Government leadership and bold action to build a circular economy.
“The Greens have led the policy debate in parliament and worked closely with the community and the waste and recycling industry to tackle our plastics crisis over many years. We will continue to hold the government to account on delivering on this ground-breaking agreement into the future."