Greens Renew Call To End To Native Forest Logging In Victoria As New Report Reveals Catastrophic Climate Impact


An eye-opening Victorian Carbon Report was released today by the Victorian Forest Alliance.

The report has found that in 2021 native forest logging in Victoria emitted around three million tonnes of carbon which is the equivalent of the yearly emissions of 700,000 cars. 

Federal Greens Spokesperson for Forests, Senator Janet Rice said:

“Destroying native forests is destroying our climate. There is no more time to waste. Labor can and must end native forest logging now. 

"Labor could and must end native forest logging in Victoria right now. Logging is a joint commonwealth and state responsibility. Labor are in government at both the State and Federal level, and both governments must act to finally end forest logging immediately and keep millions of tonnes of carbon in the ground.

“With floods devastating Victoria and the rest of the country, Federal and Victorian Labor need to be doing everything they can to avoid worsening the climate crisis. Halting native forest logging in Victoria will halt the release of three million tonnes of carbon annually.”

Victorian Greens Spokesperson for Environment and Forests, Ellen Sandell said: 

“Labor’s native forest logging in Victoria is destroying habitat, and now it’s clear it is also making climate change worse.

“Victorians want to see our forests protected, yet both the Labor and Liberal parties are hell-bent on destroying them.

“Every day we’re hearing from more people who will vote Greens or independents this election because Labor and the Liberals continue to support native forest logging. 

“The Greens have a fully costed plan to end logging next year and support workers into new jobs. The Greens’ plan would save Victorian taxpayers $205 million by stopping the handouts that Labor currently gives to the logging industry.”