Greens say new late-night A380 service shows need for curfew at Brisbane Airport


From October 1, flights EK430 (Dubai to Brisbane) and EK431 (Brisbane to Dubai), will be serviced by A380s, the world’s largest passenger plane, and one of the world’s noisiest.

The flights would land in Brisbane at 10:40pm and depart to Dubai at 1:55am.

Quotes attributable to Elizabeth Watson-Brown MP, Greens spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities:

“The last thing Brisbane residents need is a 2am wake-up call from the world’s largest passenger plane roaring straight over their houses.

“This is exactly why the community and the Greens have been campaigning so strongly for a curfew, just like the curfew Sydney already has.

“Brisbane Airport should have a curfew on flights between 10pm and 6am.

“At a time when the Brisbane community is crying out for action on excessive flight noise, it is insulting that BAC and Airservices Australia are allowing a new A380 service to fly over people’s homes in the middle of the night.

“The Greens won’t stop fighting to ultimately secure a flight cap and curfew that would deliver long-term relief for Brisbane residents.”