Greens Secure Critical Review into Disability Discrimination in the Migration System


The Greens have secured a comprehensive review of the Significant Cost Threshold, an outcome with significant potential to reduce discrimination in Australia’s migration system and improve life for many families seeking to make a life in Australia.

The Significant Cost Threshold is the mechanism that allows the Government to deport disabled people on temporary visas or refuse visas to disabled people and their families.

The public review will include a specific reference to the effect of the Significant Cost Threshold on non-citizen children born in Australia to people on temporary visas.

The Greens have been campaigning to end discrimination in the migration system, with families facing deportation because of children born or acquiring disabilities.

The Greens secured the review in exchange for committing to support the government’s Pacific Engagement Visa enabling legislation in the Senate.

We thank Minister Giles for his constructive engagement on this issue.

Comments from Immigration and Citizenship spokesperson Senator Nick McKim:

“We are committed to ensuring that Australia's migration system is fair and inclusive, and today is a significant step towards achieving that goal.”

“We will continue to stand up for the rights of everyone, no matter where they come from, or their disability."

“Our migration laws need to be brought in line with community expectations and meet Australia’s obligations under international law.”

Comments from Disability spokesperson Senator Jordon Steele-John:

“Our migration system must be made far more accepting of disabled people.”

The migration system is ableist. It deliberately provides for discrimination based on disability, which is grossly unfair and inhumane.

“This blatant discrimination belongs in the dustbin of history.”