Greens slam Alan Joyce’s $21.4M pay - 300x more than staff - while Qantas nosedived


Lines attributable to Elizabeth Watson-Brown, MP for Ryan and Greens spokesperson for Transport, Infrastructure and Sustainable Cities:

"It's disgraceful that in a year where Alan Joyce presided over a company ripping off their customers, allegedly breaching consumer law, and mistreating and underpaying their staff, that he was paid an exorbitant salary 300 times what cabin crew and ground staff typically earn.

"The Qantas board should rule out handing Alan Joyce the extra $14.4 million in bonuses. Alan Joyce should pay back his extremely generous paycheque given Qantas nosedived under his watch.

"Under a publicly owned Qantas, the CEO’s salary could be capped.  We should not see exorbitant bonuses for executives and massive wealth inequality in what used to be our national carrier, but is now a private company clearly profiteering off an apparently cosy relationship with the government. 

"The Federal government should admit that privatising Qantas was a mistake and urgently consider bringing it back into public hands."