GREENS-SLIDE: Greens win a mandate for action on climate and inequality


Surge of support for the Greens. Griffith, Ryan won, a number of Greens target seats still undecided.

The Greens national vote has surged, putting the party on track for balance of power and electing additional Senators. The Greens have won the seats of Griffith and Ryan, and a number of House of Representatives seats targeted by the Greens are still too close to call with postal vote results key to the outcome.

The Greens are on track for our best result ever with large swings across the country.

Despite the challenges of a change of government election with a major swing from the Liberals to Labor and attention on the rise of the teal independents, the Greens vote has grown with approximately 2 million people voting Greens. Greens preferences have also been crucial in removing Scott Morrison’s government in many Labor and teal seats around the country

Greens Leader Adam Bandt thanked voters, candidates, Party volunteers and members of his Party Room for the strong result and said he wanted to work towards securing a stable, effective and progressive government delivering action on climate and inequality in any power sharing discussions.

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt:

“This is a Greens-slide. The Greens are on track for our best result ever.”

“People have backed the Greens in record numbers and delivered a massive mandate for action on climate and inequality.”

“We have won Griffith and Ryan and we are on track in Brisbane, Macnamara and Richmond, and other target seats are still unresolved. We are on track to elect more Senators and secure the balance of power in the Senate to push for action on climate and inequality.”

“Scott Morrison is gone. For a man who spent his term claiming it’s not his job, now it's not and the country can celebrate.”

“The Greens have been a big part of removing the Liberals and without us this wouldn't have happened.”

“In the coming days, if there is a minority Parliament we will work towards delivering a stable, effective and progressive government for the country.”

“I am so proud of our community driven people powered movement and especially welcome the massive turnout of young people, many of whom are voting for the first time who have backed the Greens.”

“This is just the next step in the growth of our movement for climate action and to end inequality. We will continue to go from strength to strength in the community, in the streets and in the Parliament.”