Greens support legal action for transparency on Australian military exports to Israel


The Australian Greens are calling on the Albanese Government to stop providing military export permits to the Israeli Government and provide transparency on the military equipment Australia exports to the world, following legal action from Palestinian human rights groups. 

The Greens discovered that this year alone the Albanese Government has provided 52 military export permits to the Israeli Government and over 350 since 2017. It was also discovered that once weapons leave our shores no part of the Government monitors their use or abuse.

However, the Australian public has not been told what the weapons are or how much they cost. The Albanese Government must reveal this information and ensure equipment is not being used to commit war crimes. 

This morning Palestinian human rights organisations supported by the Australian Centre for International Justice launched legal action against the Albanese Government to provide transparency on military export permits authorised to Israel.

The Greens oppose Australia’s weapons export system, which is one of the most secretive and unaccountable in the world, with the Government providing military equipment to some of the world's worst violators of human rights, including Saudi Arabia, Sudan, the UAE and Israel.

The lack of transparency and accountability is of concern as the Israeli Government’s attacks on Gaza have killed thousands of innocents and hit hospitals, schools and civilian infrastructure in what amounts to collective punishment and war crimes.
Senator David Shoebridge Greens spokesperson on Defence said: 

“The Albanese Government has been fueling conflicts around the world through a weapons export system that has zero accountability or transparency.

“It is horrific to think that for many people, the first interaction they will have with Australia will be the Australian-made weapon that kills them. 

“The Australian Greens support this legal action as a critical attempt to force transparency in Australia’s global arms trade.

"As bombs rain down on Gaza and the Israeli ground invasion continues, the Australian government has a clear obligation to ensure no Australian equipment is being used to commit war crimes.”