Greens support vaping bill going to inquiry


The Therapeutic Goods and Other Legislation Amendment (Vaping Reforms) Bill 2024 has proceeded to a Senate Inquiry. 

The Australian Greens are strongly supportive of sending this bill to a fulsome Senate inquiry through the Community Affairs References Committee.

Lines attributed to Senator Jordon Steele-John, Australian Greens spokesperson for Health: 

“The Australian Greens are deeply concerned about increasing rates of vaping and see increasing nicotine dependence rates as a significant public health problem” 

“The status quo in Australia is far from ideal. It’s unacceptable that children have access to vapes, and vaping products that have been entering Australia are unsafe, falsely labelled and have dangerous unknown ingredients. 

“I’ve heard from parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals about their deep concerns about the impact of vapes. It’s time for change. 

“The Greens will be pushing for this bill to go to a Senate inquiry. What is proposed in this legislation will be world-leading, such a big change must be scrutinised by the parliament and the community. 

“We need a carefully regulated scheme that focuses on public health outcomes, reducing harm and minimising use.

“We’ll be looking at the practicalities of the prescription model. Right now, GP appointments are booked out and are unaffordable to many. We must ensure that no one is incentivised to return to cigarette smoking and that people can get support when they need it. 

“No one should be penalised for personal use of vapes. The prohibition of drugs has failed. The Greens are concerned about the vague provisions around acceptable personal quantities, and how the provisions for prosecution would apply in practice.  

“We’ll also be looking at the public health interventions supported by this legislation. For example, many people under 18 are nicotine dependent. We need to ensure we have the settings right so this group are supported through quitting vaping.

“We’ve got to get this right. We need the government to fund education campaigns and ensure that there are appropriate regulations regarding the production, supply and sale of vapes."