Greens urge Labor to rethink dumping PPL commitment


The Greens have responded with alarm to reports that Labor will dump its policy to add superannuation contributions to parental leave payments, abandoning young families and women at a time of mounting cost of living pressures and rising rates of poverty and homelessness among older women.

Lines attributable to Greens deputy leader and spokesperson on women Senator Larissa Waters:

“If reports are true that Labor will not add superannuation on parental leave, they would be joining the Liberals in giving a middle finger to Australian families, and especially women.

“Dumping its longstanding commitment to pay superannuation on paid parental leave wouldn’t just be small-target politics, it would be bad politics that would betray and disadvantage women.

“Women bear the brunt of our unjust PPL system, punished for their unpaid family work with tiny super balances. It’s shameful that in one of the richest countries in the world, the reward for women for taking time out of the workforce to raise children is often poverty in retirement.

"The government's retirement income review recommended paying super on parental leave as an important equity measure. Australian parents will be rightly disgusted if both big parties ignore that recommendation.

“Reports assert that Labor say this won’t be a vote changing issue - but if both big parties short-change women, women will change their vote.

“Earlier this month I announced the Greens’ fully costed plan to boost paid parental leave, including adding super contributions, and in balance of power after the election we’ll push the next government to do the right thing and make it happen.”