Greens warn PM not to greenwash hydrogen hub


The Greens have called on the PM to rule out the use of fossil fuels in producing hydrogen at the proposed Bell Bay Hydrogen hub. 

Clean hydrogen is not green hydrogen. Clean hydrogen uses fossil fuel electricity with a series of questionable offsets along the supply chain.

Quotes attributable to Greens Senator for lutruwita/Tasmania, Peter Whish-Wilson:

“The PM today needs to directly answer some simple questions:

“Will the power agreements with users of the hub (Origin Energy) use any fossil fuels for electricity production? 

“Will he guarantee that all power agreements with users will only source 100% Tasmanian renewable energy?

“Will the PM rule out using the Bell Bay hydrogen hub as an export facility, and can he confirm that the hydrogen will be used locally to support Tasmanian jobs and manufacturing?

“The Greens absolutely support the principle of green hydrogen but we want to see the fine detail on the water and power purchase agreement of this project, amongst other things.

“Tasmanians would be wise not to trust the Liberals on matters of renewable energy. This PM has got 114 new fossil fuel projects in the pipeline around the country - including opening up new gas fields off Tasmania’s coast. 

“While the PM is here trying to green up the Coalition he should rule out gas drilling off King Island’s west coast, just like he did for Pep-11 in New South Wales.

“This Government has spent the last nine years undermining climate action and doing the work of the fossil fuel corporations. I hope this new hydrogen hub announcement is not just another smoke screen for the fossil fuel industry.”