Greens welcome High Court’s rejection of indefinite detention


The Greens celebrate the High Court's landmark ruling against indefinite immigration detention, dismantling a two-decade-long bipartisan regime of cruelty.

"The High Court has struck a blow for liberty and decency," Greens Immigration and Citizenship Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"This is a long-overdue rejection of a Labor/Liberal policy which has seen vulnerable people warehoused in detention with no end in sight."

“For too long, Peter Dutton and his Labor replicas have acted unlawfully and contrary to the Constitution and foundational principles of a liberal democracy.”

“Courts should decide prison sentences. Politicians must not.”

"People who have been living in a state of perpetual uncertainty can now look forward to freedom and a life beyond the cruelty of indefinite immigration detention."

“The cruelty of indefinite detention has always been a design feature of the immigration system. It is grossly inhumane and belongs in the dustbin of history.”

“Labor has consistently denied reality by arguing that no-one is being detained indefinitely in immigration detention.”

“This decision puts the lie to that claim and will force the ALP to overcome its political cowardice and finally act.”

"The Greens call on Labor to immediately release people affected by this ruling and to ensure they are supported as they transition into the community.”

“We also demand a commitment from Labor that the government will not attempt to legislate its way around this ruling.”

“Congratulations to everyone involved in the decades-long campaign against indefinite immigration detention and the recent high court challenge.”