Greens Welcome Saved ABC Local News Bulletins


The Greens have welcomed the announcement today that the ABC will stop its plan to scrap 7pm local news bulletins on Sunday nights.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Communications Spokesperson:

“Today's announcement is welcome and the ABC should be congratulated for their change of heart.

“Local news bulletins are vital for keeping our communities informed which is why The Greens fought so hard in the parliament and the public to have these proposed cuts stopped.

“After a decade of funding cuts from the Coalition, Labor still have not returned ABC funding in full. There’s no excuse for delaying the full return of ABC funding to avoid cuts to essential programs and services for our national public broadcaster.

“As a South Australian Senator I’m relieved that our local news bulletins will be made, reported and presented at home and not pumped in from Melbourne or Sydney.”