Greens will ban clearing of koala habitat with no exceptions


The Australian Greens say alarm bells are ringing over reports NSW will continue to allow the clearing of koala habitat under new rules for private landowners. 

Greens spokesperson for the environment, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, said outlawing the clearing of koala habitat with zero exceptions is the only way to save our iconic species.

“You can’t save koalas while continuing to wreck their homes. Unless we take urgent action to end clearing of critical habitat, they will be extinct in NSW by 2050.

“Koalas were listed as endangered just months ago, and yet governments continue to approve projects that will destroy their habitat.

“The Greens ‘Save the Koala Bill’, currently before the Senate, would stop the wanton destruction of our iconic species’ homes.

"Experts have been warning us for years that habitat loss, climate change and extreme weather events like bushfires have been putting our national treasure, the koala, at risk. Yet the Morrison Government has approved the clearing of 25,000 hectares of koala habitat for mining and property development.

“We cannot trust the Morrison Government to take urgent action on koalas, when they only just managed to pull together a recovery plan - 10 years since its vulnerable listing.

“A moratorium on clearing of koala habitat is crucial. The Greens in the balance of power will push for the Save the Koala Bill to be made the law.  

“Unless we want to see our koala extinct in a few decades, it is an easy choice. We must put an immediate end to clearing their habitat, no exceptions.”