Greens would fast track a strong Labor ICAC through the Senate


The Greens say they would fast track a future Labor government’s ICAC bill through the Senate provided it was able to hold public hearings, act on anonymous tip-offs and investigate historical matters, including the shady dealings of the current Coalition front bench.

Lines attributable to Greens deputy leader and spokesperson on democracy Senator Larissa Waters:

“The Greens have been pushing for a national corruption watchdog for 13 years, so we welcome that Labor have said they would prioritise this in the next term of government. 

“My National Integrity Commission bill passed the Senate in 2019, and would establish a strong, independent body that could hold public hearings, act on anonymous tip-offs and has retrospective powers.

“Labor voted for that strong model and the Greens would be looking for those features in any future bill for an ICAC. Only the Coalition in the Senate opposed my bill, then refused to bring it on for debate and vote in the House because they were scared my strong model would work to clean up politics.

“If a future Labor government brings legislation for a strong and effective ICAC to parliament the Greens will work with them to fast track it through the Senate.

“Or they could just bring my bill on for a vote in the first week back of parliament and we could have an effective corruption watchdog pronto, like the Australian people want.

“The Greens model has been independently assessed as the gold standard, but we know the Australian people are crying out for accountability and integrity in politics, and we will fast track any legislation that delivers that.”