History-denying Prime Minister unfit to lead: Greens


A Prime Minister that denies this country’s true history is a Prime Minister unfit to lead. 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has today refused to acknowledge 26 January as a Day of Mourning for First Nations people of this country, instead describing the First Fleet’s arrival “as not a particularly flash day for the people on those vessels.”

This follows the Prime Minister’s comments today that Cricket Australia should put “a bit more focus on cricket and a little less focus on politics,” as they demonstrate real leadership in choosing not to celebrate on this Day of Mourning.

“This country is led by a man whose racism, ignorance and denial of this country’s history is on show,” said Senator Lidia Thorpe, Greens First Nations spokesperson.

“The Prime Minister has an opportunity to unite this country, not to divide it. And that starts with telling the truth about this country’s history.

“First Nations people have been here since time immemorial. Despite the massacres and the genocide, we are here. We have survived. 

“A person fit to lead this country would acknowledge this day for what it is - as a Day of Mourning.

“Maybe the colonising First Fleet did feel sick on the boat over here. I can tell you that we feel sick to think that 26 January is a day that the leaders of this country should choose as the national day of celebration. For First Nations people, it’s like dancing on the graves of our ancestors. 

“How disrespectful. How appalling - how deeply offensive. Who is being ‘divisive’ now? This Prime Minister is unfit to lead this country,” Senator Thorpe added.

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