Holden must clean up before it clears out


The Australian Greens are calling for a plan to clean up the Holden plant and surrounding areas to be expedited following the 122-hectare Elizabeth site hitting the market today.

“It is absolutely essential that before Holden closes its doors, there is an action plan in place for the clean-up of the site, there aren’t any hazardous health issues for people and the environment isn’t trashed,” Greens Senator for South Australia Sarah Hanson-Young said.

“South Australians would be horrified if Holden was allowed to sell its land without an environmental exit strategy in place. We do not want to see another Clovelly Park in Adelaide’s north.

“We saw what happened with Mitsubishi, and what’s happened with Flinders Power in Port Augusta. Once the company has walked off the block, what more can we do? Holden must be forced to develop a clean-up plan and show how they’re going to pay for it before they walk off the site.

“While the full extent of the contamination is under lock and key, we do know there are some serious contaminants that have been found on the site itself. The Greens want to see a steady roll out of extensive testing at the Holden site, in public spaces and in people’s homes, including health checks for concerned residents. There’s no reason why this can’t start now.

“The Government has dished out billions to Holden. They mustn’t allow the car maker to retreat to America and turn its back on the environmental mess they’ve made after decades of manufacturing. When Parliament resumes, I’ll be bringing a motion to the Senate to force companies like Holden to committing to clean up their sites so they’re not putting the community they’re leaving behind at risk.”


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