Husic's corporate tax cut calls


Calls by Cabinet Minister Ed Husic to lower the corporate tax rate show that Labor are massively out of touch and have the wrong priorities, the Greens say.

"Ed Husic’s call for lower corporate taxes is massively out of touch, and ignores the struggles of millions of Australians facing rising costs and stagnant wages," Greens Economic Justice Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

"One in three of Australia's biggest corporations pay no tax at all - this is where Mr Husic and his Labor colleagues should be focussing."

"The Greens are fighting for a tax system where big corporations pay their fair share so we can fund essential public services like housing, healthcare and education."

"Instead of reducing corporate taxes, we should be introducing a super profits tax to make sure that the corporations who have driven inflation contribute to a fairer society."

"Lowering corporate taxes would also sabotage our climate efforts, rewarding industries that pollute our environment."

"Fossil fuel corporations already enjoy substantial subsidies. Our priority should be holding them accountable for their environmental impact."