Labor Breaks Promise on Middle-Arm Gas Expansion


Senator Sarah Hanson-Young, Greens Spokesperson for the Environment & Manager of Greens Business in the Senate:

“It is extremely disappointing that the Labor Government have lined up with Peter Dutton to block an inquiry into the Middle Arm gas hub, a project they are spending $1.5 billion of taxpayer money on. 

“Last election Australians voted for climate and integrity, but last night Labor broke its promise for a public inquiry into the middle arm gas expansion project and voted with the Coalition for more gas and fossil fuel subsidies.

“Despite attempts to greenwash this project, documents obtained by the ABC and the Guardian show the NT government described the project as a 'new gas demand centre'”.

“This is $1.5b of taxpayer money which will expand gas and fracking, help open up the Beetaloo and cook the climate. It should be scrutinised at the very least, as promised by Labor in Recommendation 2 of the Beetaloo Basin inquiry report. Labor has broken it’s promise to scrutinise this project in the public interest.

“Doctors, parents and scientists from the NT and around Australia were in Parliament yesterday begging the Government to halt this dangerous gas expansion project. Labor has ignored them and instead sided with their donors in the gas lobby.

“People voted out the Liberals and their gas fired recovery, but Labor is continuing on with attempts to massively expand our gas industry.”

Middle-arm will enable climate bombs like Santos’ Barossa Gas field and fracking in the Beetaloo Basin - a climate bomb that could increase Australia’s total emissions by 11%. US frackers Tamboran are clear in their intentions to build a gas export terminal to ship 6.6 million tonnes of gas offshore each year.