Labor caves to big business on tax transparency


Labor has yet again done the bidding of big business and wound back its plans for tax transparency, showing who really pulls the levers in Australia, the Greens say.

“Just as they did with million dollar fines for dodgy bank executives, Labor is answering their corporate masters’ call when it comes to tax transparency,” Greens Economic Justice spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“Australia could have had world leading laws on tax transparency, but those plans fall apart once big business gets on the phone to give this Government its marching orders.”

“The likes of PwC and the fossil fuel lobby have far too much say in how laws are written in this country, and it is largely thanks to their donations to the Labor and Liberal parties.”

“It is nothing less than entrenched corruption and state capture for big donors to political parties to be able to dictate the laws that will apply to them.”