Labor completes double backflip to support Greens Inquiry into Middle Arm gas expansion


Under pressure from the Greens, Labor has today backflipped again to support an important inquiry into the mammoth Middle Arm gas and petrochemical expansion, subsidised by taxpayers at a cost of $1.5b. The gas field is so large it will increase Australia’s emissions by 25% and blow the shrinking chance of the Albanese government meeting its climate targets.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is Spokesperson for the Environment & Manager of Greens Business in the Senate: 

“In the middle of the climate crisis, Anthony Albanese is continuing Scott Morrison’s gas fired recovery with $1.5 billion of taxpayer money to subsidise gas export and petrochemicals 3km away from the suburbs of Darwin. 

“As doctors have warned, the top end does not need another “Cancer Alley” like has happened with gas feedstock and petrochemical production in Louisiana.

“Gas fuels the climate crisis and taxpayers should not be subsidising its dangerous expansion.

“Greenwashing gas and ‘petrochemicals’ as renewables means this entire project requires closer scrutiny."

The Middle Arm gas and petrochemical project is a $1.5b  the ‘gas fired recovery’ brainchild of former Dow Chemicals and Saudi Aramco chief and Donald Trump’s confidant, Andrew Liveris. 

U.S gas frackers Tamboran have rights over a site at the Middle Arm project to build a gas export hub to export gas overseas from the Beetaloo region.