Labor exempts coal mines, reality from climate policy


In an incredible act of climate deceit, the Labor party has revealed that they would exempt every coal mine from their emissions safeguard mechanism. This would mean that coal mines would be exempted from reducing pollution, with no requirement to manage methane emissions, reduce on-site fossil fuel use or even purchase offsets

Coal is the biggest single cause of climate change and Australia is its second biggest seller globally. To leave exempt coal from a climate plan exposes it as a fraud.

Greens Leader, Adam Bandt said:

“The ABC Voter Compass data shows that climate change is the top issue this election, but on the very same day, Labor has again joined the Liberals in backing coal over climate.

“Exempting coal mines from a climate policy is like exempting hospitals from a health policy.

“In balance of power, the Greens will kick Scott Morrison out and push the next government to stop opening coal mines.

“Labor chasing Scott Morrison on coal is not working for them politically. People want climate action and they know coal and gas have got to go.

“The most recent IPCC report made it crystal clear that global coal consumption will need to fall by up to 82% by 2030 if we’re to stop the climate from going over the 1.5 degree climate cliff. 

“Australia’s biggest coal markets are all getting out of coal fast, making Labor and Liberal’s opening up and propping up of coal mines economically reckless as well.