Labor finally getting on board with the Greens policy to pay super on PPL


The Greens welcome Labor’s decision to finally get on board with the Greens’ policy to pay parents superannuation on paid parental leave (PPL). 

The Greens have lobbied Labor consistently on this subject, and have seen our own amendments rejected to pay super on PPL, even after significant evidence was presented at the Work and Care Inquiry leading to super on PPL being a key recommendation of the Inquiry’s report. 

Lines attributable to Greens leader in the Senate and spokesperson on Women, Larissa Waters

“Once again, pressure works. The Greens have been calling for the government to put their money where their mouth is on gender equality and pay super on parental leave throughout this term of government and for many years before.

“We welcome this announcement, but why make women wait until 2025, when Labor has a paid parental leave bill before the Senate right now. 

“Parental leave is the only leave entitlement paid without superannuation. Making people wait until after the next election to receive it is an outrage.

“Labor is still making people  wait for super on PPL, for a replacement wage and for 12 months of paid parental leave - as recommended by their own Women’s Economic Equality Taskforce.

“Labor have been dragging their feet on all things PPL throughout their first term of government, and now they want women to wait until after the next federal election to get super paid on it.”