Labor lockstep with Liberal on tax to drive US-style inequality in Australia


Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP, says Labor’s appeasement to right-wing flat tax reforms and keeping tax breaks for trusts and property investors is a death knell for Australian egalitarianism. 

Quotes attributable to Greens Leader, Adam Bandt MP:

“Liberal and Labor are now in lockstep on tax cuts for the rich, sounding the death knell for social democracy. Liberal and Labor are marching Australia towards US-style inequality. 

“With Labor now joining the Liberals in delivering tax breaks to the wealthiest, there will be less in the kitty for public schools and hospitals. 

“Labor has sided with Scott Morrison in a conservative assault on Australian egalitarianism,  keeping tax rorts that drive up house prices and funding more coal and gas. 

“With Labor now joining the Liberals in a trickle-down nightmare, the only way to save Australia’s progressive tax system is to vote Greens. 

“Heading to an election, I never thought I’d see a Labor joining with the Libs on a platform of flat tax, cash for billionaires to mine more coal and gas and tax breaks for investors to drive up housing prices.”