Labor must end the games on TPP


Labor must end the cat and mouse game over the TTP, the Australian Greens have said today, calling on the Opposition to clarify how they will vote when implementing legislation is presented to Parliament. 

"Labor needs to stop the double speak on the TTP and commit to voting the dodgy trade deal down when it reaches the Senate," the Australian Greens Trade spokesperson Sarah Hanson-Young said. 

"Hiding behind Donald Trump is simply not good enough. Instead of playing cat and mouse games, the Australian community needs clear and confident opposition to the big business trade deal, that if realised will leave ordinary Australians worse off. 

"The real risk with the TTP is the dangerous precent it sets for giving multinationals the power to override the will of the people by allowing them to sue governments, even when a government is acting in the interest of the community. 

“Could it be that Labor is holding out hope Turnbull will pull off the impossible and revive the TPP? The public deserves to know whether the Labor party opposes this deal in principle or stands with big corporations. 

“We know the benefit to Australia’s GDP is a measly 0.7 per cent – which at best is more like a rounding error. This is a deal tailor-made by corporations, for corporations, not to benefit the Australian public.

“State your case, Labor. Do you stand with big pharmaceuticals, fossil fuels and multinationals that stand to benefit from the TPP or everyday Australians?”


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