Labor’s coal and gas addiction is holding CQ back


The Greens say that Labor must stop approving new coal and gas projects that divert critical skilled workers away from new industries, if regions like Central Queensland are to reap the benefits of the energy transition.

Labor yesterday unveiled its new plan for direct public support to speed up the energy transition. While legislation has not yet been circulated, the Greens have typically been in the Senate balance of power on similar bills before this Parliament.

Comments attributable to Gladstone-based Greens spokesperson on Transition & Regional Development Senator Penny Allman-Payne:

“When it comes to climate, Labor is speaking out of both sides of its mouth.

“They need to pick a lane. We can have an Australia powered by wind and solar and all the green jobs that creates, or a dirty coal- and gas-powered future that threatens us all.

“Skilled workforce shortages mean that we can’t choose both coal and gas and clean green jobs, and if Labor tries to do both, we’ll miss the green jobs boom and make the climate crisis worse.

“Public investment in renewables is a must. Leaving our energy and industrial future up to unaccountable mega corporations is precisely why we’re facing a global climate crisis.

“Many industrial centres, like my home of Gladstone, bear the scars of multiple boom-and-bust cycles caused by corporations chasing profits with no regard for the shattered communities they leave in their wake.

“That’s why the renewable transition needs to be government-led, with full and transparent community engagement, including the free, prior and informed consent of Traditional Owners, and protections for workers.

“Communities like Gladstone know that coal and gas are on the way out, and thousands of workers stand ready to embrace the opportunities presented by the transition.

“Labor’s support for coal and gas is holding them back.”