Labor’s gas handouts erode their COP31 chances


Again, Labor has voted with the Liberals to give public money to a gas corporation.

This $32 million handout is a total rejection of not only climate science, but Labor’s own publicly stated position that coal and gas projects must stand up on their own economically.

This afternoon Labor passed the Industry Research and Development (Golden Beach Gas Storage Acceleration Program) Instrument, a hangover from the previous Morrison Liberal government.

Lines attributable to Greens spokesperson for resources, science, trade and tourism Yamatji-Noongar Woman Senator Dorinda Cox:

“Labor must stop handing out fossil fuel subsidies. 

“COP27 highlighted the need to stop building our reliance on fossil fuels, yet Labor refuses to listen to the science and the global call to action. 

“While Labor is lying to the world about its climate credentials, they’re showing the Australian people and our Pacific neighbours their real priorities. 

“Labor cares more about their fossil fuel mates more than the rest of humanity.

“The government has committed to meeting their Paris Agreement commitments, with this instrument they’ve failed their own test.