Labor’s smokescreen strategy to avoid action won’t fool voters: Greens


The Greens have responded to Labor’s kite-flying on the subject of recognition of Palestinian statehood - which Labor almost immediately began to walk away from - by saying people are no longer fooled by Labor’s smokescreen strategy of mouthing words while failing to take any practical action.

The Greens have called for Labor to immediately recognise Palestine as well as ending Labor’s support for the invasion and ending all military and weapons exports to Israel, saying there was no barrier to doing these things straight away. 

When parliament resumes, the Greens will also move a motion which challenges Labor to follow through on recognising Palestine.

This is the second time in the space of a week that Labor’s media announcement has lacked a commitment: Labor has not committed to recognising Palestine, just as they did not commit to the mandatory supermarkets code recommended in the interim Food and Grocery Code of Conduct Review 2023–24 on Monday. The Greens argue that on a variety of fronts Labor is seeking to deploy a cynical “smokescreen” to appear to be doing something, while in practice offering no reprieve, no hope and no action.

Lines attributable to Greens Leader Adam Bandt MP:

“People see through Labor’s smokescreen and they aren’t falling for it. 

“Talk is cheap while people are getting slaughtered in their tens of thousands and Labor continues to support the invasion of Gaza and military exports to Israel.

“There’s no barrier to acting right now. Labor should immediately recognise Palestine, end their support for the invasion and end all military exports to Israel.

“When parliament resumes the Greens will move a motion for the parliament to recognise Palestine and we call on Labor to act, not just talk.

“Twice this week Labor has ‘announced’ something without actually committing to do it, first on supermarket prices, and now on recognising Palestine. Labor’s false hope smokescreens won’t fly and won’t fool an electorate that wants the government to start using its power to tackle the big issues facing us."