Labor’s tax plan an act of political bastardry: Greens


The Greens have lashed Labor over their plan to prioritise removing the Low and Middle Income Tax Offset over stopping Stage 3 tax cuts for the rich, saying Labor is turbocharging inequality.

The Greens say that tax reform is needed, but it should come by ditching the Stage 3 tax cuts, implementing a billionaires tax, and introducing a corporate super profits tax. 

Lines attributable to Leader of the Australian Greens, Adam Bandt MP:

“Labor is making everyday people pay for the Stage 3 tax cuts for politicians and billionaires,” Mr Bandt said. 

“With the Liberals becoming irrelevant and unelectable, Labor is becoming Australia’s centre right party, backing tax cuts for the wealthy paid for by low to middle income earners. Making everyday people fund tax cuts for the wealthy is an act of political bastardry from Labor. 

“Australia desperately needs to stop the handouts to billionaires and corporations so we can tackle the cost of living crisis by getting dental into Medicare, boosting income support and freezing rents across the country. 

“It should be the wealthiest Australians and big corporations who pay more, not everyday people. Labor needs to ditch the Stage 3 tax cuts for the wealthy, implement a billionaires tax, and introduce a corporate super profits tax.”