Liberal and ALP parties undermine Land Rights Act, say Greens


The Economic Empowerment Bill 2021 puts forward the most comprehensive changes in 45 years to the Australian Land Rights Act 1976. After successfully negotiating for the Bill to go to a full Inquiry, Senator Lidia Thorpe notes that 92% of submissions are against this bill.

“The Senate inquiry into the Bill has revealed a lack of consultation on this Bill and most stakeholders who gave evidence reject this Bill."

“Most submissions call for the Bill to be axed, it's telling that only the likes of the Mineral Council want this Bill to go ahead.”

“When the Morrison Government says that this Bill has been “co-designed,” what they mean is that it has been co-designed with hand picked organisations who have not consulted with the communities that they are supposed to represent."

“Free, prior and informed consent means exactly what it says. Under the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples: all Traditional Owners have the right to decide what happens on their homelands."

“This Bill makes it easier for mining and exploration to destroy Country, land, water, and sky."

“This Bill should not be passed. The government must engage in extensive consultation that is underpinned by free, prior, and informed consent with all affected First Nations people, not just the ones it hand picked.” Said Thorpe.