Majority want sport free, not locked behind paywall: Research


New research reveals a majority of Australians believe sport should be free to watch for all Australians, not locked behind subscription paywalls. The new data comes as pressure builds on Labor to fix their sports paywall scheme so that sport is free regardless of whether people watch via an old school aerial TV, or via the internet on a smart TV, iPhone, tablet or computer.

Around 60% support free sport on all platforms, with only 12% opposed. Around 30% still don't know that Labor's sports scheme will lock sport behind paywalls.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is Greens spokesperson for Communications and Manager of Business in the Senate:

""These polling results show the majority of Australians agree that sport should be free, regardless of whether it's on an old school aerial or on a smart TV, iPhone, computer or digital device. The Greens amendment will fix it and protect free sport for all.

"We don't want to see iconic sporting events like State of Origin, the Matildas, the footy or the cricket locked behind paywalls. 

"Australians shouldn't need a credit card or a paid subscription to watch the State of Origin or other iconic sporting events and the Murdoch media should get their hands off free sport in this country.

"Imagine needing a credit card to watch the Boxing Day test, or the grand final. It's not fair, it's unAustralian - it's just not cricket.

"We need rules fit for purpose in a digital world and that's what the Greens amendments will fix.

“The other concerning part of these results is that a third of voters don’t even know that the Government is about to lock them out of watching free sport. That's why we are going to keep blowing the whistle on Labor's unfair sports paywall scheme."