Memo Labor: Don’t let Peter Dutton write immigration detention laws again


Labor must not let Peter Dutton dictate its response to the High Court ruling that indefinite immigration detention is unconstitutional, the Greens say.

“This is a mess that Peter Dutton helped create so Labor should not let him determine its response,” Greens immigration spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“Mr Dutton has given Labor a free pass to work with him to trample human rights and persecute refugees and it is crucial that Labor reject his offer.”

"The government must not let Mr Dutton write their immigration laws for them and pressure them into a draconian, knee-jerk response.” 

"Mr. Dutton has a horrendous record of cruelty to refugees and disregarding basic human rights.”

“For Labor to now work with him to rush laws through parliament this week would be disgraceful in the extreme."

“Indefinite detention was found to be unlawful and unconstitutional punishment.”

“Many of the people recently released are refugees who have already suffered years of indefinite detention.

“Labor should not allow Mr Dutton to dictate a further regime of cruelty to them.”

“Labor’s response must be one that respects the law, respects human rights, respects refugees and respects the Australian Constitution.”

“We need to reaffirm the rule of law, and that means courts deciding punishments, not politicians. Anything less is a step towards tyranny.”

“We are hearing a lot about threats to the community but the biggest threats to the Australian people are draconian laws which seek to unnecessarily curtail liberty or detain people indefinitely.”