Meta costing Australian media jobs, threatening Parliament amid Nine cuts: Greens


Responding to today’s job cuts at Nine and evidence from Meta executives at the Parliamentary hearing into social media, the Greens have criticised Meta (parent company of Instagram and Facebook) for refusing to pay for news and journalism content. The Greens say Meta is effectively blackmailing the Australian Parliament by threatening to ban all news, as they’ve done in Canada.

Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is Deputy Chair of the Joint Select Committee into Social Media and Australian Society, Greens spokesperson for Communications:

“My thoughts are with all Nine journalists, media workers, and their families today for this devastating news.

“On the same day that up to 200 media workers at Nine have been told they don’t have a job due to declining advertising revenue, the Parliament heard concerning evidence from the Meta executives who refuse to pay for news and journalism from companies like Nine.

“Meta is trying to blackmail the Parliament by refusing to rule out banning all news on their platforms Instagram and Facebook, should they be Designated under the News Media Bargaining Code.

“It is clear that we need stronger laws that protect Australians from the predatory business models of Meta and other social media platforms. This could include requirements to carry news and information in the public interest and be taxed properly for their activities and revenue made here on Australian soil.

“I’m concerned these giant tech corporations are ripping off news content, costing Australian jobs and damaging our democracy.

“We need to tackle the toxic business models and secret algorithms of these social media giants with algorithm transparency reforms.”