More cuts to social safety net not the solution for budget repair: Greens


The Business Council’s claims that we would require a $50 billion cut to the social safety net to plug up the budget if savings don’t pass the senate is farcical fear mongering, Australian Greens Senator Rachel Siewert said today.

“Time and time again I have said that there is no senate gridlock, there is bad legislation. Put forward better legislation that doesn't take money off some of the most vulnerable members of our community and it will have a better chance of passing the senate.

“It is ironic that the Business Council is calling for legislation that cuts supports for vulnerable people arguing that if this doesn't pass, the Government will have to cut supports for the vulnerable.

“Why is the Business Council suggesting that we may need to hack $50 billion from the social safety net to make up for revenue shortfall, when the Government is pursuing a $50 billion tax cut for big business?

“Stop the $50 billion tax cut to big business instead of continuing to erode the social safety net. It is evidenced that trickledown economics does not work, so big business and the wealthy should not be receiving tax cuts whilst our most vulnerable carry the burden of budget repair.

“The Government could also raise revenue by putting an end to negative gearing and capital gains tax”.