NEG may force some states to switch off renewables: Bandt


NEG may force some states to switch off renewables: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today said that Malcolm Turnbull’s ‘National Energy Guarantee’ could see some states directed to have less renewable energy and that government talk of ‘backending’ emissions cuts was dangerous.

State-based schemes:

“This policy that’s been cooked up on the run is also going to cook the planet,” said Mr Bandt.

“This ‘NEG’, which is masquerading as a serious climate policy, would punish the states for doing taking real action on climate change.

“If a state like Victoria cut pollution more than the limited quota set by the Federal Government, another state like Queensland could be directed to pull back on renewables so that the quota isn’t exceeded. It’s crazy.


The Prime Minister has also left the door open to ‘backending’ the emissions reduction target in the future.

“When the Prime Minister says that the emissions targets could be backended, he’s trying to conceal the fact that there could be another decade of delaying emissions cuts.

“We’ve already got bad targets and Tony Abbott is dragging Malcolm Turnbull further away from these.

“We can’t keep putting off pollution cuts. What we need is strong, decisive action now, which is precisely the opposite of what this scheme offers.”

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