New environment laws must ban native forest logging


Only a total ban on native forest logging will help conserve the environment and save the wildlife that call our forests home, the Greens say, following comments by Labor MP Josh Burns.

Lines attributable to Greens spokesperson for the Environment, Senator Sarah Hanson-Young:

“If the Albanese Government is serious about making Australia’s environment laws fit for purpose they must put a stop to native forest logging.

“In 2023 in the midst of a global extinction and a climate crisis there is no excuse for Australia to keep logging our great forests.

“In Australia halting extinction means the Government must do everything in their power to stop destruction of our forests. We cannot save wildlife like the koala while continuing to destroy their homes. 

"Sadly the Government has done nothing so far to protect what remains of our native forests, but the Greens are willing to work with them to fix this.

“If the Albanese Government’s new environment laws don’t stop native forest logging and continue to approve projects that make climate pollution worse, they won’t be worth the paper they are printed on.”

Lines attributable to Greens spokesperson for Forests, Senator Janet Rice:

“The Regional Forest Agreements have failed to protect our forests; Labor’s new environment laws must end RFAs and the logging of native forests.

“RFAs have allowed for decades of reckless destruction of native forests across Australia, pushed native wildlife to the brink of extinction, endangered our water supplies, heightened bushfire risk, and made the climate crisis worse.

“Josh Burns is clearly feeling the pressure from his constituents who know the proposed EPBC Act reforms won’t protect Australia’s precious native forests.

“The logging industry should be subject to the same environmental review standards as all other industries, not get a free pass for ecological vandalism because of the RFAs.

“The Government has a responsibility to stop this destruction, protect native forests and fix our broken environment laws.”