New low for Labor if they sign up to a plan that suppresses renewables: Bandt


New low for Labor if they sign up to a plan that suppresses renewables: Bandt

Greens climate change and energy spokesperson Adam Bandt MP today warned Labor against signing up to a plan that is worse for renewables than doing nothing. 

By comparing the analysis conducted by Alan Finkel in the Independent Review into the Future Security of the National Electricity Market - Blueprint for the Future with the advice provided to Minister Frydenberg by the Energy Security Board (ESB), the modelling reveals that the 'NEG' scheme has a worse outcome for renewables than doing nothing.

On page 93 of the Finkel Review, a graph indicates that in 2030, under business as usual conditions, the generation mix in the National Electricity Market would have 35% renewable penetration. On page 8 of the ESB advice, it states that "In 2030 it is expected that the power mix of different types of generation would be in the order of 28-36% renewables"

Quotes attributable to Adam Bandt MP: 

"This scheme is worse than doing nothing.

"At a time when we need more wind and solar to cut pollution, the NEG will likely mean less renewable energy.

"Cutting support for renewables is appalling, but actively pulling wind and solar out of the system is pure bastardry and Labor must not have a bar of it.

“Labor did a deal with the Liberals to cut the Renewable Energy Target and they're getting ready to cut renewables again, sending MPs out to pretend the NEG is some kind of carbon price in disguise.

"Doing another deal with the Liberals to cut renewables would be a new low for Labor."

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Below is an image comparing the graph in the Finkel report and the ESB advice.