Nuclear bombers can launch from Australia without breaching Treaty obligations, Minister claims 


Nuclear bombers can launch from Australia without breaching Treaty obligations, Minister claims 

Foreign Affairs Minister Penny Wong has just admitted in Senate Estimates that nuclear-capable bombers can rotate through Australia without breaching international obligations, under questioning from the Greens.

Australian Greens Senator and Foreign Affairs Spokesperson Jordon Steele John said: 

“Australians have resisted the nuclearisation of our military for decades and now the Albanese government is letting the Americans do it for us.

“Nuclear capable B-52 bombers have no place on Australian bases, on Australian shores or in Australian airspace. They are an offensive weapon that will destabilise our region.

“The decision for the Australian Government to allow American B-52s into Australia is another clear example of successive major party governments selling out Australian interests for the Americans.

“Whether it be the AUKUS pact, the coverup of how Australia became involved in the illegal US invasion of Iraq or this newest escalation in the force posture agreement. When it comes to the US, there is no Australian interest this government has not been willing to sell out.

“Australia needs to deeply reevaluate our relationship with the United States and pursue an independent, peaceful and cooperative foreign policy,” Senator Steele John said.

Australian Greens Senator and Defence Spokesperson David Shoebridge said: 

“It is highly alarming that Australian military facilities are being made available for the US to launch its nuclear capable bombers.

“The fact that we are allowing Australian military facilities to host US nuclear bombers should alarm all Australians who are concerned  with our collective safety.

“This decision not only makes us a nuclear target, it further erodes our sovereignty.

“The US has made it clear it won’t tell anyone when their B52’s are nuclear armed or not. This leaves Australia in the dark about our role in the USA’s global nuclear strategy.

“This decision directly contradicts the Defence Minister’s claims that our relationship with the US does not undermine Australia's sovereignty.

“This will further destabilise our region and force Australia into an unwitting role in the global nuclear weapons threat,” Senator Shoebridge said.