Parliament votes to secure future of the Australian film sector


Greens spokesperson for the Arts Senator Sarah Hanson-Young responded to the Parliament supporting amendments to a government bill in order to secure the future of the Australian film sector:

"Today the Parliament took on this arrogant Government and won. In doing so, it saved tens of thousands of jobs in the Australia screen and arts sector.

"The Government had attempted to play political games by pitting the industry against itself, but The Greens together with the opposition and cross benchers stood up and said no.

"$400m in spending was at risk if these laws didn’t pass. The Senate’s amendments have resulted in a bill that delivers stability, funding and support for Australian films, television and documentaries.

"We have stopped the unfair and short-sighted attack by the Morrison-Joyce Government on the Australian screen sector.

"Covid has hit our screen and arts sector hard, the last thing they needed now was more pain. Thank goodness for the Senate and the Greens in the parliament who stood strong and backed our story tellers and artists.

"Australian stories are an essential part of how we reflect who we are as a nation and learn about our own history."