People power win: Toowoomba North South Transport Corridor scrapped


Greens welcome news today that the Queensland government has scrapped plans for the deeply unpopular Toowoomba North-South Transport Corridor.

The proposed mega-highway transport route would have had adverse impacts on residents, on endangered wildlife, on First Nations heritage sites and on the environment generally. 

Lines attributable to Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters

“This announcement is a joyous win for community leaders in Toowoomba, who came together to say “no way” to this home-destroying and bushland-wrecking highway.

“In a cost of living and climate crisis, the Queensland Government should not be wasting billions of taxpayer dollars on an unwanted mega road that would have destroyed so many homes and livelihoods, sacred sites and important koala habitat.

“I’m so proud of the community leaders who led this campaign, and so happy to have taken the time to hear their concerns directly, visited part of the site at risk, and hosted a public meeting about it.

“The proposed mega highway and the mismanagement of the consultation caused the community so much anguish and anxiety. Locals banded together with their neighbours and have shown the undeniable strength of people power.

“I am pleased that the Queensland government will now work with Toowoomba Regional Council to identify alternate transport solutions, and I hope they will conduct the community consultation properly this time - with enough time and genuine options presented to the community and feedback taken on board.

“This new consultation should include consideration of a frequent, accessible and affordable public transport network for Toowoomba, something all regional communities deserve throughout the state.

“Community members and conservation groups have been vindicated by this excellent decision, and I congratulate them on their efforts to build a more livable and connected community for Toowoomba.”