Plibersek's 450GL broken promise risks breaking river Murray


Environment Minister Plibersek is preparing the ground to break the Government's election promise of delivering 450 gigalitres to the river Murray by 2024 under the Murray Darling Basin Plan. 

Greens spokesperson for Water and the Environment, SA Senator Sarah Hanson-Young said:

“Our river needs action, not delay.

“A delay on the 450 gigalitres is a broken election promise to every South Australian and risks breaking our river Murray. This water must be delivered before the next election - South Australians are sick of excuses. 

“Buybacks must be used now to secure the promised water, not a concocted delay designed to hide a broken election promise. That means standing up to the big irrigators in the upstream states.

"South Australia and our environment cannot afford another term of government where nothing happens to save the river. It's been a wasted decade and the river needs more than hand wringing from Ministers about how hard the job is to do. 

“If the Environment Minister is not up to the job, the PM should step in at National Cabinet, put money on the table, and push Labor premiers to deliver the water that the river and South Australia needs and was promised.

“The Minister has found time to approve 3 coal mines in the past 2 months but now says she's run out of time to deliver the water that was promised to the river Murray. We need less river-wrecking coal mines and more water.

“The CSIRO and MDBA Chair Sir Angus Houston have warned climate change will rob the river of between 20-30% of water inflows. With El Niño coming this summer, the 450 gigalitres must be bought and delivered to protect the river.

“The Government needs to stop passing the buck and start taking responsibility for protecting our river.”