PM Albanese sucking up to King Charles is beyond embarrassing


The Australian Greens have announced Deputy Leader Senator Mehreen Faruqi as their new spokesperson on the Republic.

Senator Faruqi has criticised Prime Minister Albanese for his decision to attend King Charles’ coronation and pledge allegiance to the new monarch.

Senator Faruqi said:

“The only reason Prime Minister Albanese should be going to the UK to meet King Charles is to tell him that we are finally cutting the apron strings. 

“Now would be the perfect time to double down on becoming a republic, but instead the Prime Minister is swearing loyalty to an outdated institution. 

“During a brutal cost of living and housing crisis, it is disgusting that the Prime Minister has made it a priority to fly to the UK to bask in the excesses, pomp and pageantry of an institution so out of touch with everyday people. 

“The British Monarchy and their obscene wealth is a racist, colonial institution built on the blood, backs and stolen wealth of brown and black people. The violent legacies of British colonialism are felt by people and countries all over the globe, including here in Australia, a nation born of dispossession and violence.

“More and more of us are waking up to the historic crimes of the British Royal Family and wanting to cut ties with the British Monarchy. But while nations like Barbados are becoming a republic and speaking truth about empire, the Prime Minister is taking us backwards with his cringeworthy behaviour.

“Pledging allegiance to the head of another country is woeful. We should have an Australian head of state.

“Becoming a republic is an important step towards achieving racial justice on this continent. Moving to a republic has to be done hand in hand with truth-telling and Treaty for First Nations people.

“Prime Minister Albanese’s tepid commitment to the republic movement is yet another example of Labor trying to have it both ways."