Political sponsorship of Iranian actress, Katayoun Riahi


Australian Greens Senator for South Australia Senator Sarah Hanson-Young is acting as a political sponsor for Iranian actress, Katayoun Riahi. 

Senator Hanson-Young was asked by Freedom for Iran, an Iranian-Australian community raising awareness about the #WomanLifeFreedom movement and amplifying the voice of Iranian people to become a political sponsor. 

Katayoun Riahi was one of the first Iranian celebrities to speak out in support of protestors and is now under enormous pressure to apologise to the Iranian Government.

Senator Hanson-Young said:

“The bravery of the women and girls in Iran is unstoppable. We must stand with them. Their fight for freedom is a fight for equal rights for women and girls everywhere.

“I have written to the Iranian Ambassador stating my political sponsorship of Iranian actress Katayoun Riahi.

"Katayoun Riahi has been a voice for Iranian women and girls. I extend solidarity to Katayoun Riahi who is demanding an end to violence and oppression in Iran.”