The Government’s proposed changes to the Petroleum Resources Rent Tax will see revenue go down, not up, and shows the Labor Party are being used as a tool of the gas cartel, the Greens say.

“Labor’s proposed changes to the PRRT, as dictated by the gas industry, represent a massive missed opportunity,” Greens Economic Justice Spokesperson Senator Nick McKim said.

“Even with the proposed changes, the government will get more revenue from student debt indexation than from the PRRT.”

“On the government’s own projections, revenue will go down from the PRRT. This is intolerable and shows Labor’s warped priorities.”

"Labor faces a clear choice: work with the Greens to make the gas cartel pay more tax, or work with Peter Dutton to gut environmental regulations for gas corporations.”

“If Labor would get on board the numbers are there in both Houses of parliament to double the revenue from the PRRT changes.”

“Labor’s PRRT changes show the danger of letting fossil fuel corporations write their own tax laws.”

“Labor also needs to ditch its laughable attempt at a wedge by conflating highly contentious changes to a broken gas tax system with badly needed reforms based on the PWC scandal.”