QLD climate costs can’t be ignored


The Climate Council report released today shows that the costs of climate change-driven weather events cannot be ignored. The Greens are once again calling for the government to stop approving new coal and gas projects, and stop the $42.7 billion of fossil fuel subsidies that are turbo charging climate destruction.

Lines attributable to Greens Senator for Queensland Larissa Waters

“The Climate Council report released today shows that my home state of Queensland has suffered more economic damage from extreme weather and natural disasters than any other state or territory.

“The economic cost to Queensland from the floods in February and March alone was $7.7 billion, not to mention the emotional toll of seeing your home flooded again and again.

“Last week’s State of the Climate report found changes to weather and climate extremes are happening at an increased pace across Australia.

“We already knew this continued support for the coal and gas industry was leading us to environmental disaster, now we know it’s a wrecking ball for the economy as well.

“We’ve been disappointed that under the new Labor government, Australia has continued to open up new coal and gas mines, and is sticking to targets that will see the world go beyond a disastrous 2C of warming.

“There are 114 new coal and gas projects headed to the Environment Minister’s desk for approval - not a single one should be approved without considering the impact its emissions will have on the climate.

“Unless we stop opening up new coal and gas, Australia’s children will inherit a country that is wracked by devastating fires, floods, and heatwaves.

“The Greens bill to add a climate trigger to our federal environmental laws means that climate impacts of polluting projects would need to be considered, and importantly that the Minister would have to refuse approval for new large fossil fuel projects.”