Queensland rejects Dutton’s nuclear fantasy


Greens Energy Transition spokesperson and Gladstone local, Senator Penny Allman-Payne, has slammed Peter Dutton’s nuclear fantasy, saying it’s a distraction from the Coalition’s non-existent climate policy and Labor’s cowardice in standing up to fossil fuel corporations.

Quotes attributable to Senator Allman-Payne, Greens energy transition spokesperson: 

“We need to urgently move away from coal and gas, but both Labor and Liberals are opening more mines and Dutton’s nuclear pipe dream is not the answer. It would produce toxic waste, push up power prices, and endanger regional communities. 

“I live in regional Queensland and I absolutely wouldn’t want a nuclear reactor in my town, and know folks across Callide and Tarong want to see a transition to renewable energy.

“The Coalition say they care about the cost of living, yet they're promoting nuclear energy when the CSIRO says it's the most expensive power source and people in regional Queensland are already doing it tough. 

“Renewable solar and onshore wind are the cheapest energy sources, even with the costs of integrating them into the power grid.

“But this has no chance of getting through parliament, and is merely a distraction from the fact that both Labor and the Liberals want more coal and gas mines, only serving to boost the profits of fossil fuel corporations as they continue to pollute our country and drive climate destruction.

“While we’re in a climate crisis that requires urgent action, neither Labor or the Coalition will meet Australia’s commitment to the Paris Agreement goals. The Greens are for a clean, green, jobs-rich renewable future.

“We need a coordinated transition to clean renewables. There is so much opportunity for new jobs and industries in the coal regions, we just need to get on with the job."