Report reveals companies profiteering from torture


Amnesty International's report on the profit-making of Broadspectrum from Australia's detention centres on Nauru is a warning to companies considering bidding for contracts that they do so at considerable risk to their brand and reputation.

"Any companies who sign contracts to run the camps will immediately become complicit in torture," Greens Immigration spokesperson Senator McKim said.

"Broadspectrum and Wilson Security have profiteered from human suffering, and they are facing the reputational consequences. This should stand as a warning to any companies considering becoming involved."

"In February the Immigration Department admitted it did not have a process underway to select a company to replace Broadspectrum when it ceases providing garrison services in October, which means it is way too late to run a competitive tender process.

“This ongoing bumbling from Minister Dutton  is no surprise given his continual failures to ensure proper procurement processes and compliance with government guidelines.”

"There is a simple solution to the humanitarian crisis that the government has created - close the camps and bring the people to Australia."