Reports of barbaric killing of kangaroos must spur action


Australian Greens Deputy Leader and Spokesperson for Animal Welfare Senator Mehreen Faruqi has responded to horrific revelations about commercial kangaroo killing.

Senator Faruqi will be moving an amendment to the Inspector-General of Live Animal Exports Amendment (Animal Welfare) Bill 2023 to expand its functions to include investigating animal welfare issues that arise in respect of the commercial slaughter of kangaroos.

Senator Faruqi said:

“This report demonstrates the need for a beefed-up role for the independent inspector general of animal welfare, which should have the power to investigate all issues of animal welfare within the Commonwealth Government’s jurisdiction. I urge the Government to support the Greens’ amendment to expand the remit of their proposed inspector general of animal welfare.

“What we see here is all too common when it comes to the Commonwealth’s regulation of animal welfare issues: weak laws, negligible monitoring and non-existent enforcement. 

“The distressing reports of kangaroos dying slow, painful deaths and orphaned joeys suffering should horrify everyone in this country. 

“The fact that hunters are allowed to kill female kangaroos that clearly have joeys in their pouches or young standing nearby is morally indefensible and completely reprehensible”

“The commercial killing of kangaroos is cruel, inhumane and fast losing its social licence, with companies increasingly turning away from kangaroo leather in favour of non-animal based synthetic material."