Reviews are in: AAD culture is bad for women


With yet another damning report confirming widespread cultural problems at the Australian Antarctic Division (AAD), the Greens are calling for The Department of Climate Change, Energy, the Environment and Water and the AAD to act immediately to comply with Respect at Work reforms.

Senator Larissa Waters has today written to Minister Plibersek to request a briefing about the proposed workplan for responding to the Russell review.

Lines attributable to Senator Larissa Waters, Greens Leader in the Senate and spokesperson on women

“The Russell review has confirmed Professor Nash’s report that revealed appalling sexism, discrimination and harassment at Antarctic stations. Women working in Antarctica need an assurance that the Department is taking this issue seriously.

“Antarctica is the ultimate “fly in fly out” workplace, and its remoteness has allowed an unacceptable culture to develop. I have written to the Minister to request a briefing from the Department about a proposed workplan for responding to the Russell recommendations.

“The Respect at Work reforms were the centrepiece of the government’s response to workplace harassment, and the AAD cannot continue to operate without regard to the new legal framework.

"The AAD must act immediately to comply with its positive duty and ensure base stations are not hostile work environments. If additional funding is required to support changed work practices, that should be allocated in the upcoming Budget.

“It is critical that we encourage and facilitate women working in STEM and in places like Antarctica. But that comes with an onus on the Department to make those work environments safe and respectful.”